Six Fantabulous Bloggers Girls – Fall Bootie Style

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Hello, my fantabulous friends!  Tis the season of pumpkin spiced lattes, comfy sweaters and sweatshirts, a snuggly blanket and a good book.  I think the snuggly blanket and good book is probably my favorite fall activity.  In fact, I recently bought my yearly new blanket just for that reason.  Other than blankets and good books (which I could talk about forever) we must talk about our fall clothes.  I love summer it is my favorite season, but when fall comes I am ready to start wearing my warmer clothes, just for a change of pace.  In celebration of fall, the six blogger style group decided to show off our favorite booties for the new season.  As you can see many of my friends are in warmer areas of the country but their booties still look cute with jeans and a tee or a dress.

First, let’s talk about favorite fall outfits for a minute before I show off my blogger friends.  First on my list is my new found favorite, cardigans.  I will be honest, I just recently started wearing them, because for some reason I always felt like they didn’t fit me right.  Next is a big comfy oversized sweatshirt.In order for an oversized sweatshirt to meet my favorite criteria, it has to be one that I can just kind of cuddle up in.  Finally, what girl doesn’t love a good bootie?  I know I do, and I am currently on the search for a couple new pairs this year.  Anyone have any good suggestions?  I know the six blogger style group have some great suggestions so let’s check them out.

Gabby at Gift of Gabby

Gabby says

I wore this when my husband went out for a lunch date & then grocery shopping. Since it’s still massively hot here in Georgia (boo!) I can’t quite go full Fall Weather mode yet with sweaters and booties. Instead, I opted for a relaxed tee and olive skinny jeans cuffed to my ankles to pair with these fabulous red and gold ankle boots. I love the pop of color from the boots!

I think I am in love with those red booties Gabby!  They definitely make the outfit more fun.  I also really love the mixed metal necklace she is wearing, it looks like it would be a great versatile piece that could be added to almost any outfit.  Gabby has also written a post about our booties and you can read all about it at Gift of Gabby.

Chelsea at Rosy Point of View

Chelsea says

I love finding unique accessories like these amazing boots from Bed Stü! Bed Stü uses organically tanned leather and still makes boots by hand! They say “Just like no two finger prints are the same, each BED|STÜ product is distinct” and I love that… plus they are cute and comfortable. I spend most of my day on my feet so comfort plays a role when I am shopping for shoes. In the fall in Chicago I also love to add a great scarf, like this one form a local designer, and a versatile jacket, denim for the win today!

The description of these boots has me intrigued.  I love that they are handmade and no two boots are alike.  I also am a big fan of wearing booties with dresses, I think it is cute and fun.  This outfit that Chelsea is wearing screams Fall to me and would work for many occasions.   Don’t forget to check out Rosy Point of View and see her thoughts on our September bootie style.

Lauren at Mothering Honestly

Lauren says

These boots were from Charlotte Russe. I love the color of them and they are really comfortable! The brown color said fall to me, and of course being in September, I am ready for fall clothing, but in Texas we don’t really have season changes. Because of this I opted for this simple boot, the skinny jeans and this top.

I so love the heels on Lauren’s boots and they would be great to dress up a little or dress casually as Lauren has.  I live in the Midwest and the weather has felt like Texas weather so this is something I would also currently wear.  Lauren has a great sense of style and her baby is so adorable.  Lauren has an awesome blog at Mothering Honestly that you must check out.

Oendrila at Just-OD-Things

Oendrila says

A faux-leather pair of ankle boots in brown that goes with denim as well as dresses. There are often some rules set around what boots can be paired with, but I love to experiment with my outfits and accessories, and I think boot add an interesting twist to a dress look. In this outfit, I have a summery outfit with a shift dress paired with a brightly coloured shrug; the brown boots just pull the whole look together, without making it look like a deliberate effort to make a statement with a fusion/boho look. It add a twist alright, but in a gentle way.

I couldn’t agree more with Onedrila and she says it perfectly about pairing booties with a dress. Onedrila always has a beautiful outfit to share with us each month.  Her style is very feminine in a good way and I can’t wait to see more.  One more thing, the shrug Onedrila is wearing is probably one of the most beautiful pieces I have seen lately.  Just-OD-Things is written by Onedrila and you have to check out her post about our September bootie style.

Rosy at Radiantly Rosy

Rosy says

Fall is my absolute favorite or seasons, for the smells, colors, pastries, drinks, and overall fashion!

In Texas we don’t really experience fall weather until well into winter, lol, so it’s fun to be able to mix season!
That’s why I wore this super sweet dress, for the heat of the day, but paired it up with some super fallish foots.
-A good way to stay fall even if the weather doesn’t allow, us through colors, and these dark mustard boots scream autumn!

I am jealous of the Texas girls that can mix their summer styles with fall styles especially since summer is my favorite season.  The boots that Rosy is wearing are a perfect match with her cute summer dress.   I am also in love with the floral dress Rosy has chosen for this month, and she looks great in it.  I am hoping Texas will continue to share their warm weather with us for a while longer because I am just not quite ready for fall weather.  Rosy has a great blog called Radiantly Rosy and you can find her thoughts about our amazing booties there.

Jody at It’s Fantabulous

Jody says

I bought these B.P Faren booties way back in July because I absolutely loved them, and ever since then I have been waiting for fall so I can wear them. In the spirit of fall I chose to wear this cute cardigan over a white tie front blouse and believe this will be my favorite go to fall piece this fall and winter. The best thing about fall is getting out my favorite sweaters and sweatshirts and curling up under a blanket with a good book or watching football with my family.

Even though the temps are still summer-like, I chose a fall outfit that was casual but dressy enough that I can wear to work.  Both the tie front tie blouse and the cardigan I recently received from Wantable and Stitch Fix.  These are clothing subscription boxes that I have fun receiving every month as it is always interesting to see what items they have picked for me.  If you struggle to find new items to wear each season or if you hate going shopping these boxes may be for you.  For more information on these boxes you can check out Wantable here, and Stitch Fix here. 

PS. If you missed my August style blog with these fantabulous ladies you can check it out Six Fantabulous Blogger Girls – Sundress Style, and see how we styled a sundress for summer.

Final thoughts

Once again these girls surprise me with their awesome and unique style.  I  absolutely cannot wait to see what they come with next month.  Be sure to check out each of their blog posts as I have included their links above and see what they have to say about our September bootie style.

What do you think of this month’s style?  Which booties were your favorites?  Any suggestions on what we should style in upcoming months?  I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.



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