Wantable Style Edit Review – July 2017

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I cannot believe how fast this year is going, in a couple of weeks, it will be August.  This also means that I am behind on everything from posting my July Wantable style edit review to just about everything.

I must say I was pretty excited to receive my second Wantable edit just so I could have some new things to try on.   Like my first edit received a few pieces that I liked and a few more that I didn’t.  I think my stylist and I are still in the “getting to know you” phase of our relationship. Hopefully, in a few months, we will be in sync and I will absolutely love everything they send.  But even if I don’t love everything, if I get a couple of pieces that I like I will be happy.

Now let’s get this show on the road and find out what I received.   But before checking out the big reveal, make sure to find out more about Wantable and how you can get your very own style edit.  If you already have read the below information or know how Wantable works, by all means, feel free to skip to the good stuff.

Jeans / Shoes

What is Wantable?

Wantable is a styling service where you are sent 5 – 7 clothing items that are hand-picked by a stylist.  You can try each piece of clothing on in the comfort of your home and return what you don’t like all for a $20 styling fee.  This fee can be applied to the purchase of any item you wish to keep.  Additionally, if you want to keep all 5 or more of the items you get a 20% discount.  By doing this you could potentially be getting one of the items you received for free.

Wantable also offers different subscription boxes or edit for you to choose from.  They have the Stye edit, which I am reviewing here.  They also have on for Men’s and Women’s Fitness, Makeup and Intimates.  I am not going to lie, I am sure I will be checking out each one of these subscriptions sometime in the future.

How does Wantable work?
  1. The sign-up process.  When you sign up you will start by answering questions from the Let’s Get Started section.  These questions will ask you about your style preference, your likes, and dislikes, size etc.  You will also be given an opportunity to tell your stylist what you are looking for.  When completing your style profile it is very important to be as detailed as possible.  You can begin your sign up by clicking here.
  2. Order your first edit.  Once you have completed your style preferences your edit will be scheduled to ship in 5 -7 business days and your card will be charged the $20 dollar styling fee.
  3. Decide what you want to keep.  Now that you have received your first box the fun begins you get to try everything on.  I love this part because I get to try 5 – 7 items I probably would not have picked out on my own in the comfort of my home.  I also have the opportunity to look in my closet and see what I already own that I can pair these items with.
  4. Return what you don’t want.  If you decided that some of the pieces are just not something you would wear, you can return the items in a prepaid postal envelope within 5 business days of receiving the items.  If you decide you want to keep  5 or more of the items you will receive 20% off the order which makes it a great deal.  Many times that discount is what decides what I keep or send back.
  5. Checkout process.  After deciding what to keep and/or return you start the checkout process.  During this process, you have the opportunity to tell your stylist what you liked or disliked about each of the items that you received and your overall thoughts of the fix.  This is the time, to be honest with the good, bad or ugly as it will only help your future edits get better.  You are not obligated to receive an edit every month you can choose how often you want to receive it.
What was in this Edit?

Lush Blouson Skater Fit and Flare Dress


This Lush Blouson Skater Dress for $48 was cute but really more suitable for someone a bit younger than me.  Okay, maybe a lot younger than me.  If it were black I would have bought it for one of my daughters as this is the style of dress I would like them to wear for my wedding next year.  Unfortunately, the dress was not a good fit for me.  However, after looking at this picture I don’t look too bad in this dress for an old lady.

Status – Returned

DEX Fit & Flare Dress


I was pretty excited when I saw this DEX Fit & Flare dress for $79. (can’t you tell by the picture?)  I thought this would be something I would love to wear.  When I tried it on however I was disappointed for a couple of reasons.  First, this dress was a tiny bit too big at the top which caused it to bag and sag.  Second, the back of this dress was open in a very inconvenient spot making wearing a bra nearly impossible.  So I sadly took it off and packed it back up to be returned.

Status – Returned

Articles of Society Carly Skinny Crop Jeans & Le Lis Open Front Blazer


My next items in this edit were the Le Lis Open Front Blazer for $68 and Articles of Society Carly Skinny Crop Jeans for $64.  The blazer is a beautiful blush color and is so soft I knew I was keeping it even before I tried it on.  I currently don’t have anything in my closet that is like it so I knew it would be a good addition.  The Articles of Society Carly Skinny Crop Jeans I love, but I was on the fence about keeping them as I currently have a pair of white skinny jeans.   These skinny jeans fit perfectly and the cropped frayed hem look is something that I have been admiring the last few weeks.  So ultimately I ended up keeping both items.

Status – Kept both

Lucky Brand Yoke Embroidered Tee


This Lucky Brand Yoke Embroidered Tee for $49.50 is super cute and perfect for weekend running around.  The tee had two things going for it, first, it was from Lucky Brand and I love their clothing, second, it was very very comfortable.   Both of these things combined I knew that I would be adding it to my closet.  One sure sign that I am keeping an item from a box I receive is if it gets hung up in the closet.  You know then it is a keeper.

Status – Kept

Lush Split Neck Tank

In this edit, I received another item from Lush this split neck tank for $48.  If you have read any of my previous posts about sleeveless top such as this, you know I am not a fan.   I actually did not mind the style of this tank, but it was kind of dressy and I knew I would never wear it to work for fear of freezing to death.   Ugh, I wish I wasn’t so cold all the time because this tank is kind of cute.

Status – Returned

BB Dakota Adler Striped Top

Jeans / Shoes

The last item I received was the BB Dakota Adler Striped Top for $60.  Let me start by saying that the price alone was enough for me to return the top.  The material was thin and definitely not worth $60.  Next is the back of this top/tank had a slit clear up the back and was not attractive on me.  I can’t even post the picture because of how bad it looked.  So with everything stated there, I did not keep this top.

Status – Returned 

In closing

I may not have kept everything from this box, but to be honest, I am 100% ok with that.  I would much rather send back items I would never wear than keep them and have them hang in my closet untouched.

Wantable also has Stream feed where they show pictures of items other Wantable customers have received and reviewed.  The concept of the stream is to show you items that the stylist send to you.  You can also request an item to be sent in your next edit if you see something you like.  While I like the element of surprise of not know what I will get until I open the box I might try to request a few items for next time to see if I get a better selection.

Finally, I wanted to let you know that this post is not sponsored by Wantable, and all of the opinions about the items I received are my own.  I hope I have inspired you to want to try Wantable, and if so you can sign up using my Wantable affiliate link.  By doing so I will receive a small commission at no extra charge to you. 

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