Pssst…..Did you hear who’s starting a blog?

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Psst……did you hear the big news?  I am starting my very own blog!  I couldn’t be more excited about it and cannot wait to meet many new people, like you, as I share my thoughts, favorite things or even a few tidbits of tips or hints that have helped me in this fantabulous journey we call life.

I decided in my first post I was going to talk about why I want to write a blog.  So I pondered for a few days and came up with the list below to explain why…

I am funny.  I am pretty sure the jury is still out on that one.  Most people would say that I am quiet and reserved until you either get to know me or you have served me some sort of an adult beverage.  But I do have a sense of humor and can be a tiny bit sarcastic at times.



I am smart.  Maybe some days more than others, as you can see from my picture, I was not very smart while trying to get to work one fine cold morning and ended up getting my car stuck for hours.  However, from this experience, I did learn to work from home when there is a sizable snow drift in my driveway.  Learning from our mistakes is what it is all about, right?


I have great fashion sense.  Well maybe not, I am still trying to figure that out so I am continuously asking my daughter if I look alright and she really is no help at all. (P.S she would never let me leave the house wearing those sandals and socks)  I recently signed up for Stitch Fix and I am in love with the service and all the guidance it provides to get my fashion back on track.  I will share more details in an upcoming post after I receive my new Stitch Fix “box” which is due to arrive soon.  Along with Stitch Fix, I will also be reviewing my other subscription boxes that I love and they are Rocks Box and Ipsy.  All these boxes introduce me to items that I would never have found on my own.  I do not receive any of these for free, they are all bought and paid for by myself, so my opinions are my own.


I travel a lot.  I honestly would not consider myself a world traveler.  Most of my vacation time is spent visiting family who happens to live near my favorite spot in the world, Sylvan Lake which is located in the Black Hills.  This picture does not do it justice but the view of the lake is amazing in person.  I HAVE to stop at Sylvan Lake every time I am in the Black Hills.  I do plan on showing you more of this beautiful place and other locations in the Black Hills in the near future.


I can cook.  Actually, I try really hard to cook.  If the recipe is written down with clear instructions I can make it if you ask me to create a new recipe you probably should have a backup plan for dinner.  The person in my life who can cook is my fiance and I am hoping to convince him to share some of his fantabulous concoctions for my blog.


I am ME!  I have always wanted to write a blog, just like everyone else who is out there in blog land.  I tried to blog about 3 years ago but I was on the wrong path because I didn’t know what I wanted to blog about.  Some may say I still haven’t narrowed down, but as I like to say, this is a WIP (work in progress).  In the beginning, I will probably write about anything and everything I enjoy until I figure it out.  I do have a few ideas for blog posts rolling around in my brain that is keeping me awake at night until I can get it all down on paper or blog or whatever you want to call it.



So pull up a chair, grab a cup of coffee, a glass of wine or whatever is your drink of choice, (heck it could even be beer!) and join me on this fantabulous journey we call life.  We may laugh together, or more likely you will laugh at me, we may cry together, but hopefully, they are tears of joy, or we may just have a friendly conversation.  I can’t promise perfection but I can tell you that I will try my best to make this blog as fun and somewhat informational as I possibly can.


Jody 🙂
  1. Anne

    May 4, 2017 at 5:59 AM

    Way to go Jody. Proud of you

    1. jlysunderland

      May 4, 2017 at 10:34 PM

      Thanks Anne!

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