Self-Care – How Can You Benefit From Drinking More Water?

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Hello, my fantabulous friends.  As I am finishing up the post I realize that tomorrow is the first day of fall.  This kind of makes me sad because I am not a big fan of fall. I know many of you out there are fall lovers, but honestly, for me the only good thing about fall is football.  I love college and NFL football.  Anyone else a football lover?  I could on and on about football, but let’s move on to this week’s self-care topic which is how can you benefit from drinking more water. 

First, I have a confession, I did not do so well at exercising/moving for last week’s self-care activity.  If you missed last week’s self-care exercise post you can read it here.  So now I am thinking maybe I didn’t set myself realistic goals, to begin with. Also maybe I need to find the right kind of exercise that I enjoy and will get me up and move. Or I just need to get into a daily routine and try to exercise at the same time of day. I am a bit disappointed but realize this is a work in progress and it is not easy to change habits overnight. Here is a look at my apple watch tracker to show how bad I did the last week or so.

Sadly this is not what I hoped to accomplish my first week, but I will continue to work on adding this into my daily routine.

Even though I haven’t mastered adding exercise into my daily life I do want to talk about the next self-care practice I want to add and that is drinking more water.

Drink more water

I hear all the time that drinking water is important. In theory, this seems like it would be an easy self-care practice, but in all reality is a struggle at least for me. I believe the recommended daily intake of water is 8 cups of water a day. For me. I might be lucky if I get in 2 cups a day.  It really isn’t because I dislike water it is because of other drinks, energy drinks, tea and maybe coffee taste and sound so much better. A typical day for me starts out with a large coffee or energy drink and then in the afternoon I drink water. But guess what, the water normally sits untouched on my desk for the majority of the day.

The above is one of the many reasons that drinking more water is next on my list for self-care activities. The second is my daughters give me a hard time for drinking energy drinks because they are not good for me. So to make everyone happy I am getting on the water train! Not to mention drinking water is considerably cheaper than the energy drink cans, even when I buy them in bulk.

Why is drinking water important

Drinking water is an important part of taking care of ourselves, but like I mentioned earlier many of us don’t drink enough. The obvious reason for drinking more water is to stay hydrated, and they recommend to drink a big tall glass of water in the morning for hydration reasons. Think about it, you have been asleep for 7 to 8 hours and have not had any water intake. I am sure your body is thirsty, and to be honest I never thought of it that way. There are other reasons for drinking water, this is not an all-inclusive list but a few that I found interesting or helpful. Drinking water can

  • Increase energy and reduce fatigue
  • Assist with weight loss
  • Improve complexion
  • Reduce headaches as this may be a sign of dehydration

I know this is not a complete list, but it makes me think that this water thing might not be so bad if it can help me with some of the things above. I am most interested in seeing if it will decrease the frequency of headaches.

Setting a goal

My biggest weakness is caffeine. I wean myself off of caffeine and then I have that one day when I wake up and I am feeling oh so tired and I just need an energy drink or coffee to wake me up. Once I have one, it is like a can of Pringles, I cannot stop. So my goal for this week is to wean myself off of energy drinks (again) and get back to drinking more water.

Earlier in the post, I mentioned the recommended amount of water intake daily is 8 cups. I am not going to tell you must drink that much water but you should decide on an amount and shoot for it daily. I know some people try and drink a gallon of water a day and use a gallon milk jug to keep track of how much they drink. Some even get creative and make marks for each 4 cups consumed so they can tell how much they have left for the day. Whatever works for you go for it and get to drinking, water that is.

What helps me track my water intake is an app called My Fitness Pal and here I can log the amount of water I have drank for the day.   This app just helps me stay on track and not realize at the end of the day I need to guzzle 2 bottles of water. 

Final thoughts

I recently created this simple necklace as a reminder to love myself, and the best way I can do that is by taking care of me.  Feel free to check it out in my Etsy shop or let me know what you think in the comments below.

Minimalist Heart Bar

In closing, let’s recap what self-care physical practices we are looking to incorporate into our daily lives. They are exercising or moving a little bit each day and drinking more water. Physical self-care practices are important because being physically healthy provides the foundation for better overall well-being.  Both, in theory, seem to be simple tasks that myself and some others may find difficult to do every day. That is totally okay, we can take baby steps until we get to where we want to be. For instance, I might have originally set my exercise goal a little bit too lofty until I can find a routine that works best into my daily life. If water is hard for you to drink start by gradually replacing your coffee or soda with water. That is my plan, instead of going cold turkey, I will slowly replace an energy drink with water, as I am not too keen on having caffeine withdrawal headaches.

Self-care inspiration

Are you ready for this week’s quote?  I picked one that was short and sweet but seemed pretty fitting for starting a self-care journey.

The only journey is the one within.

This quote is from Rainer Maria Rilke and almost seems to speak directly to me. I am currently on a journey to find that inner peace by taking care of myself and practicing self-care. This journey is not something anyone can do for me, it comes from within. What are your thoughts about this quote?  I would love to hear what your journey is and where do you see it taking you? You can share your journey by leaving a comment below.



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