Things I Should (or Shouldn’t) Tell You – V.2

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I can’t believe it is time for me to do another volume of things I should (or shouldn’t) tell you.  Full disclosure the first one took me about 2 weeks to write, I am hoping this one won’t take quite as long.  Brace yourself for my random thoughts this week.

More blogging news

I have been terribly unproductive when it comes to my blog the past couple of weeks.  It seems there is always something to do after work or on the weekends that cuts into my computer time.  One thing I did do this week, I purchased a new computer which has increased my productivity as I am no longer waiting for my computer to do simple tasks.  However, now I no longer have an excuse for not getting things done.  I am sharing this tad bit of (exciting?) info so that I can hold myself accountable.

Weekly Outfit

I had plans to show an awesome picture (maybe) of myself wearing the outfit of the week.  Well sad to say the last time I checked the tracking for my package it was hanging out in Kansas.  (if you have followed my blog recently it appears I have trouble when packages go to Kansas) I hopefully will have it in the next couple of days.

Now for the good stuff, I am obsessed with black and white outfits so I put together this little collection of items that are on their way.  I really wish they were here today, although I have no plans for my weekend that would require me to wear this outfit.    Have I mentioned lately that patience is not my strong suit?  

To make it easier, you can shop the look by clicking the links below.


  1.  14th & Union raw v – neck tee   2.  Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses   3. Tarita block heel leather sandals   4.  Articles of Society Sarah skinny jeans
College Softball

This is my absolute favorite time of the year as there is no shortage of college softball to watch on ESPN as they play through the regionals and then to the World Series.  Unfortunately, my Iowa Hawkeyes are not playing in this year’s Regionals.

I am currently watching the Regional game between Minnesota and Alabama which is in extra innings.   It is currently scoreless and at the bottom of the 9th.  Spoiler alert – Alabama won.  We were cheering for Minnesota.

My love for this game comes from the many years I spent watching my youngest daughter play travel softball and just recently quit.  Sadly this Mom is still trying to adjust to having my weekends free and not spent at the ballpark.   I will get my softball fix as my soon to be stepdaughter begins her season of high school softball next week.

Final Thoughts

I think I need a crappy weather weekend about every other week.  That way I have an excuse to stay inside all weekend and work on my blog.  Hence that is what has happened this weekend.

Hopefully next week I can share pictures of my fiance and me at the House of Mercy Gala.  I loved the dress I wore that night and I must say he looked pretty handsome too.

Up and coming post will contain my exciting Memorial Day weekend plans and some suggested outfits for each activity.  It is never too early to start planning your weekend attire.

I shouldn’t tell you  I haven’t left my house for 2 days and I really need to get to the store, but I really don’t want to go.  Does anyone want to go for me?

I would love to hear from you, feel free to leave a comment below.